I honestly believe good things come to those who wait. I have been waiting and nothing. I do not see anything except roadblocks in my way. I wish I could stop the roadblocks. I am smart enough to know that things happen out of my control. I need to stop the worry but that is the hardest part. I was talking to a friend yesterday who said she had  gotten some advice about worry. I think it went something like this you are either worrying to soon or to late maybe just stop worrying. I like that advice if only I could follow it.  I always seem to have the worry train and the stress train coming at me. I try to be positive and spread kindness. I want others to be happy too.  I also got advice to start putting me first. That was hard for me but maybe someone somewhere was trying to tell me something. I do not have much that is just for me except my upcoming book SOMEDAY and this blog. I hope that people are reading this and know that I love what I do and can relate to my blogs.  I am excited for what lies ahead and maybe good things are coming I just have to get through the roadblocks and be patient. I know I have been but I think a little more is needed.  Maybe being patient, going around the roadblocks next time will lead to good things around the corner. I do not have a crystal ball but I do have faith. Now onto the next life lesson.