For years I have always tried to do my best. I have never really been great at anything. I did not have the confidence I needed and sometimes I gave up to soon. I needed encouragement and advice and someone to look up to.  Growing up I did not have that. It was hard and even though I was smiling on the outside I was screaming on the inside.  Fortunately, along the way I found people that believed in me and suddenly I had what I needed.  Today I need every ounce of confidence and power possible.  I need to be the voice for my child. I have mentioned how I am one of two other other moms taking on the people of education.  We are being faced with a teacher that is not doing their job.  This teacher is not a good fit for this position. I know it and many others know it.  Am I scared? Yes and I have to be strong for my kid today. Why is everything a fight when it comes to the school?  Where are the other voices ? We should have more than the three of us.  We should be able to fill up a room.  So today is I call judgement day. I feel like i am taking on the world. I am prepared and I am ready.  I have to do this and I know I have people behind me.  I will be judged and that is okay because I know I can put my head on the pillow at night and know I did the right thing.  How can someone deceive so many? Remember my last blog no one goes through life unscathed.  We need power, we need god and we need prayer! God is stronger than anything! I believe in God and I know I will get through! Fight for what you need and believe. Now onto the next life lesson.