I consider myself an observer and I say that because I see many things. I see people talking, driving, working, listening,  and on their phones. I see how people act and react. I can read people. I guess it is a gift. Sometimes I am the narrator and I am telling what I am seeing but is not my version it is their version of the story. I feel like I can determine the outcome.  Here is what I see most : How young people treat other. How people and the people involved do not see what I can see. Why is that? Is it because they are in denial or they choose not to see it? I see the 3’s become 2’s and sometimes become the ONE! The one that is left out is the one with the story with the one who saw it all from my angle. The one who saw the light and still the one who stands alone.  While the other two are caught up in their world.  I see the two and I wonder why one of the two doesn’t see how they are really treated. It is the same story generation after generation.  Some friendships stand the test of time while others fade away. What about the ONE? Do they move on or are they scarred?  Out of the three there is one manipulator, one follower, and of course the odd one out.  I hope that someday all those that control and manipulate see their day when they are  the ONE . It is not often anyone leaves the earth unscathed.  We do not want wish it BUT we want it.   If you are that ONE move on and find your passion and your dreams do not let the past stand in your way. Unblock those roadblocks ! Your day will come when you are the one that people will come to and that true friends see you for you who are. Avoid the drama, the roadblocks, and anyone standing in your way. Be who you are and stand for YOU! Now onto the next life lesson.