What is your role? What do you do? Who says who you are? Where do you go? Who are your friends? I do not want a medal or sympathy I just want to be heard and I want people to know how it feels when you do not know your part? What is my part? Where do I fit in? Questions I have asked myself my whole life? I feel lost and alone. Sometimes I have a part and other times I am not even an extra.  You all have your friends your people and your roles. I am still looking for mine. I know I have family and for now I guess that is my role. I need something for me an identity and a life outside. Whenever you find that role I hope you are feeling that you fit in or belong. I hope you are comfortable and feel welcome.  Even in my forties I have not found my fit in group.  How is it all of these people have an instant connection and they fit in and they are the “IT group” What is their secret? Is there something I have missed all of these years?  What makes us fit in?   What is the role ? I guess I missed that bus.  Auditions must have been closed. All of the  IT people have been cast and ACCEPTED!  It is all that I ask I just want that feeling of acceptance and security.  I am the odd woman out . I am the one that stands alone.  The people walked passed you and pay you no mind.  They walk by and I see them and think oh that is the IT group.  I still stand alone and the scars still run deep and I wonder if they heal.   The invisible girl that is now the invisible woman stands alone.  Where is ACCEPTANCE? I wish  I knew. Someday I guess. Now onto the next life lesson