People for the most part walk around with just their on the go face. No one really smiles. I wonder what goes on behind the scenes what is their story?  Why are they looking so sad? Did they lose a loved one? Did they just lose their job? What is the real story? What goes on behind the scenes? It is really none of our business but as humans we are naturally curious.  People hide behind their phones or laptops. What are they looking at social media, texts. pictures of loved ones? Where are the people of my generation that sat and talked in person? We had no social media growing up and you know what it was GREAT! We talked to each other we laughed and had fun we played outside with the neighborhood kids.  We were acknowledging each other.  A foreign concept now. I see people out to dinner on their phones sometimes whole families it is sad if you ask me.  I wish for today’s generation and future ones that people take the time to talk and to get know each other and learn from one another. So stop hiding, and faking it and look up you might notice something beautiful! Believe me it is a beautiful world if you make it that way.  Now onto the next life lessson