It almost felt like I went 100 rounds with Mike Tyson after an IEP meeting at the school . Why do they torture the parents and why do they not care about the kids? It is never about the kids I do not care what they say. It is about one thing and that is money. How much money can we get for our school? It is disgusting and must change. I think they suits running the BOE need to be fired.  Exactly like in the private sector you need to be held accountable! One of my favorite words.  They only do what is best for themselves and not the child. I think it is time the parents become more powerful than the school board. I think some bus company would make alot of money if we chartered buses of parents to the main land ( that is what I will call it)  Now maybe things would change! Or have parents run for the school board especially ones that could represent the ones that need a voice! How about that?  We need it folks ! Some of these teachers need to be held accountable! Now it is not all teachers just so happens some of the winners we have dealt with. One teacher said to me she doesn’t answer emails after 4:30 well  hello my kid gets home at 4. WOW and you get a way with that? Shame on you lady! We have had some liars and  scum. It was our last year where we used to live and I hired a real shark advocate. Things started to change but this time I had to change them.  I took the first step and changed my life and it has been better. I  am part of a mom team that is talking with administration about the current teacher and how she is not teaching.  They are listening but they need to listen better and take action.  WHAT do WE have to do to WIN? Please tell me and if you are reading this and you are and advocate or a special education lawyer or someone studying law that needs the hours please  message me! ONLY if you are someone with the above mentioned. I want to know.  I have spoken with an advocate but We want more! We have asked for nothing unreasonable. I want my daughter to receive the education she deserves!  So if I have any followers please contact me. SERIOUS ONLY! I will share my story in more detail once you have contacted me. Lets do it for the kids for real! Make a difference and CUT RED TAPE!!! Let’s make school great again!!! Now onto the next life lesson