Wow! We had vacationed on the west coast of Florida before my husband and I got married and we loved it. He was sold on living there one day. I was comfortable right where I was.  I had no desire to leave the east coast.  In 1999 we got married and we lived in a townhouse in NJ. We had gone down to the west coast of Florida again for a vacation and he was sold on moving.  We went to a new construction area where they were building villas. We saw the models and we liked them. Before I could truly process anything we put down a deposit. I was scared. I just thought what I had done? Did I really want to move so far away from what was so familiar? I did not like change. My husband was like a band  aid you just rip it off and it was done. So in the next few weeks or so we put our townhouse on the market. We had no kids yet it was just him and me so whatever was next was our journey for now.  He was excited and I was sad.  We sold the townhouse and off we were to Southwest Florida where my first daughter was born.  It was not easy I did not like the area everyone seemed old and not one young person in site. I did work at a bank full time and then when I had my daughter it went to part time and eventually I was home with her. His parents had decided to make a move down here as well, Which had its good points and bad. A little to close for comfort.   Soon his career was taking off and we had to move to the East coast of Florida.   We settled there for about 12 years. We lived in a one story and then we decided to grow our family and find something bigger. I had my own space now and it was time for baby number two.  A few years later my second daughter came along and now we were a family of four. I would not trade for the world. After 12 years we slowly got tired of the hustle and a bustle , A few school battles did not help either when I could not get what was best for my first born. We had actually vacationed in North Florda. Bingo that was it I was sold this time. I loved it. There was something peaceful about it. It was just something I cant explain it but it was something maybe it reminded me of being up North back home. It made things easier i guess so there were trying to sell our newly renovated east coast home which seemed like it took a lifetime but it was sold and gone and we had a brand new home build here in North Florida I even drove up myself with the girls and I was proud of myself. I think for the first time I sensed a fresh start and it took getting used to and finding the things I needed but I am very proud to call it home. It took a long time to get used to Florida. I love it here where we are and so does my family. I have all the things that matter most. Now onto the next life lesson.