Is there life after death? Is there a spirit world? I think there is always someone watching over us. I believe in angels and things happening for a reason We could see something that makes us think of our loved one no longer here or perhaps they can appear in our dream. Maybe they are sending a message they are at peace. I think there is a saying if you see a cardinal that someone is watching over you. I believe in prayer and signs from beyond. I think even angels have a sense of humor.  At the time we may not realize it but when we do we put it altogether and say. “Oh, that was Mom. Dad, or Grandma sending us a message.  People are skeptical and some need actual proof. I know in my heart they are all around us in some way. Who knows it could be like the movies when they are right next to us and sending us a message only we know. It is all nice to think they are always around us. I know they are in our hearts.  So before you doubt there is life beyond just take an extra look around you never know what you might feel in the air.  Now onto the next life lesson.