We all have our routines and our schedules that make things easier for us. It is something to follow to make the day go easier. We do the same thing every day it is repetition. We know how to handle things that are a part of our routine. But what if our routine is interrupted and there is change? It is hard to deal with change we like the simplicity of our day and deal with things we are used to . The monkey in the wrench is a test to see if we can adjust and we can and we will . We always try and adjust to things work in our world. It may be difficult but over time we get used to it and soon that monkey in the wrench it a part of our routine and without even realizing it we have grown to accept it. We are always adjusting our lives for something it could be a newborn, a new job, a new puppy it is always something that may have bumps in the road but we accept the bumps and carry on.  We love our new adjustments we learn to understand that things happen sometimes we get bad news and need to adjust to that and process the information but no matter what we are strong and we will get through it. We are strong people and we have family and friends to help us so whatever the circumstance happy or sad we are here and we are blessed to be in the lives that we love.  Go ahead take that step and show them how strong you are. Now onto the next life lesson