WOW! Last night I went to my first ever beauty pageant. It was at my daughters high school. There were 14 contestants and they were all beautiful, talented, and intelligent all very amazing gifts. I was so impressed by their talent and the way they carried themselves. They all had something to contribute. It was so nice to see girls come together as a unit and share the spotlight . They all were amazing and I could not pick just one. They all stood out in their own way. They each had their story and the cause they chose to represent. The dresses and the costumes were nothing less than professional and gorgeous. It was so nice to watch with my daughter. I enjoyed the time spent with her while watching her best buddy compete to be Miss (name of high school) I wish the girl that won all the luck in the world I hope all of these girls can make a difference in the world as I am sure they will. It is not all about beauty it is about believing,  sharing your dreams, and your talent. Always be the best you can be. They will all shine like stars. Now onto the next life lesson.