Ever have those past friends that you once knew that just disappeared from your life? Where did they go and why did they leave? It makes you wonder if you did something or if there life just took them in another direction.  You remember your friendship and realize maybe it was not that strong or important. It was just what I call a fair weather friend. We all have had them in our lives. As we get older we look for qualities in people that mean something to us.  I do not have to list them you already know them. If you are lucky enough to have found true friends than you are very blessed. We often hold our guard up when new ones come along. It is natural to be on guard if you have been hurt.  As they say life does go on and people do come and go and maybe those fair weather friends had their reasons  but you know in the future what to look for so in a way they taught us something who not to trust and who does not stick around.  We all have been through the friendship cycle and we all eventually find that true friend or friends. Carry on and be strong . Now onto the next life lesson.