We all have them struggles and obstacles. I wish we could avoid them but they are here. We can make the most of it and tackle one thing at a time.  The struggles are real and the pain is real. The unbearable lingering struggles that seem to stick around for way to long. You are strong and you will get through it. Sometimes our anger can over power us and we say or do things we may regret.  We feel we have no control.  Then everything seems to be spiraling of control.  Eventually, we come to our senses once the wounds have healed. We should always take a deep breath in difficult situations . It is not always easy when we are not thinking clearly. All in all things work out.  It feels like it takes forever but it does.  Then the storm has passed and the sun comes out again. We feel like a big weight has been lifted and once again we are ready for what tomorrow brings. Now onto the next life lesson.