Douglas is my older brother. He is severely intellectually disabled.  Back in the day they said MR which is mentally retarded. I hate those two words and I am glad we do not say them anymore. My brother lives in a group home.  He has done that for most of his teen into adult life.  I am more like the older sister than the younger sister. I love my brother very much.  Back in the 60’s they had no idea why he was born like this. Why did God chose this life for my brother? I ask myself that all the time. I do not have the answers. Douglas is very skinny he has a long gated face and he is what is called Fragile X. Two more words I hate.  I do not talk about it much because it hurts me.  Due to a whole family genetic history that was his fate, My fate was to be a carrier to this and so were my kids. By some miracle I was able to get through life okay. I was determined to beat any odds. I was determined to prove any one wrong that crossed me or did not believe that I could do something.  I have an Aunt that I refuse to talk to because she would NOT leave me alone about having kids and mentioning my situation every five seconds.  Needless to say we will never speak again.  No one tells me what to do with my life . If you heard what she said you might agree.  Basically telling me not to have kids. Well lady think again! I love my kids! Do we have challenges?Yes. Do we get through them? Yes. They are who they are because of ME!!! I have done everything in my power to make them feel accepted and  successful.  I put in the time and effort.  This is my job as mom . I will never change or give up. Now onto the next life lesson.