Where are you from? Where is the first place lived? Maybe it is the only place you lived. Maybe you do not know how it is anywhere else. I thought that was going to be me. I thought where I was from I would stay .  Then as I got older I thought maybe where I go to college I will end up living.  A part of me wish I had. I knew so many great people back home and in college.  I got married we left the area which brought us to a warmer climate.  Do I like it? Is it home? Yes, I finally do like it out of all the places we lived in this warmer climate.  This area there is just something about it . It reminds  me of where I am from.  I think it is the fact that all the kids play outside. They did when I grew up. All the parents talk and hang out.  There are even a few that remind me of the ones I grew up with.  Where are you living? Did you leave your area? Are you happy where you are?  Are you out of your comfort zone?  Have you settled in somewhere?  All very important questions. I think the most important one is Are you happy? You can live anywhere and still be unhappy.  Happiness is so important.  If you are happy than I am glad if you are not I hope you find it.   Home is where the heart is.  Find your happy home.  Now onto the next life lesson.