We know all kinds of people. We have all kinds of friends. Some are more loyal than others . While some you can trust more than others.  There is always that few that stick together and eventually single you out.  Your group is now smaller. Maybe less is more.  The friends you once had are fewer and fewer.  Until it is just you and one other.  You wonder what did I do? Is it my fault?  Do you have a big group of friends? Are you always having parties and going out? Is your life slowing down? It is a fact that friends do drift apart.  Eventually people just find others like them. You will find others like you.  Find people that have stuff in common with you. People that you feel comfortable with.   When you do find your people they will be the good people.  It’s not that the others weren’t good it is that they were the  people you had in your life for that time.  Eventually everything falls in to place. Now onto the next life lesson.