Every once in awhile we all need a time out.  A time where you just sit and breath. Maybe it is a sports time out and they need to figure out if the ball was in or out. Our kids get time out when they misbehave.  They did when they were little.  We all need time to just be out. We all need that quiet so we can readjust to the situation.   A time out is crucial when you are overwhelmed.  It is not a bad thing it just time out to reflect or just sit in quiet.  Do you like quiet? Do you ever feel stressed and overwhelmed? I know I do. Recently. I was told to let go and  I was wound so tightly. Maybe I need more time outs. It is true I am very routine oriented and I have a fear of letting go. If I do than I will mess up. If I stay guarded then I am safe. I feel like I  cannot let go. Maybe time outs would help.  We all need time out to think. We are human and we all get stressed. It is okay everything will work out. Now onto the next life lesson.