What language do you speak? Do you speak multiple languages?  Are you bi lingual? Are you verbal? Do you communicate with sign language?  There are so many ways to communicate.  Not of all of us speak the same language. Our friends we talk to speak the same language. What if someone was different and communicated differently? What if they were non verbal? How would you communicate with them? How would anyone understand them unless we learned to  speak like them. I think it is important to learn English if you live in the United States.  it benefits everyone and it is free they have classes to teach you.  I know many people who came here and did not speak a word of English and they learned.  I am all for learning many languages. There are so many beautiful languages.  One thing I should say is that people with special needs do not always communicate like the neuro typical person. I am willing to learn to help these people.  We have a gift we can speak and we can learn other languages. What if you couldn’t? We all have gifts. God is good to us. I believe that.  People turn a blind eye if it is not their problem. No one wants to deal with anything if it does not have something to do with their life. Why hide? Why not learn and get to know other people? Why not get involved you never know when you might need to know something about others.  Go take a chance and learn. You could make a friend for life. Now onto the next life lesson.