Where do you like to go on vacation? Do you like cruises? Are you an avid skier? Do you like to simply get in the car and go? However, you like to travel I am sure you will make it the best possible vacation.  You should take your time and get there safely.  Do you like to fly or do you prefer a nice train ride?  I went on a cruise a few years ago. I had a nice time and glad I experienced it. I was skeptical at first but it was very enjoyable.  A vacation should be relaxing its time away from everyday hustle and bustle of daily life.  My personal favorite is Marco Island. I love the hotel there. It is simply gorgeous. The place just breeds relaxation. I normally do not know how to relax there I can.  It was the best-kept secret of Florida now everybody and their grandmother goes there.  I enjoy being away but I still think about what I have to do every day.  I am so routine oriented and stressed I just cannot relax most of the time.  I enjoy time away.  It is healthy to have a change of environment. Why not take some time pack a bag and just go?  I miss being young and spontaneous. I miss feeling free and independent.  Where did that time go?  That is another thing time seems to be going faster and faster. I do not think I like that.  Either way, life happens. You only live once.  Pick a place and go there. Enjoy yourself. Let me know how it was and where you ended up.  Enjoy the life you only get one. Now onto the next life lesson.