Let’s face it there are all kinds of people. Some people are honest and others not so honest. Some are users and some just are fly by night. Either way, we have all encountered all types of people. Some people are in your life for a reason. Of course we have those we trust and those we know not to trust.  Some come in our lives and just because we do not do what they want they want nothing to do with us. This is fine by me.  I only want people in my life that care about me. I have had the users, the dishonest and the fly by nighters.  True friends are very hard to come by.  I would say generally speaking people have a handful of those. Those who do have more consider yourselves lucky.  I have a few very close friends and that is all I need. I have those that I consider family and others that are just friends.  Just recently I had someone who wanted my help in something I was not comfortable with. I needed more information and it was vague. I decided not to do it and now they do not want to talk to me. That is fine with me I do not have room in my life for the selfish.  If you cannot accept me or my ways than that is fine.  People have all kinds of motives, angles, and behaviors.  Just go with your gut and you will know who cares about you and who does not. Avoid the negative and the cons if you can. Always be yourself and love who you are. Make the choices that make you feel comfortable.  Have faith in God and believe in your self.  Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.