Last night I heard there was quite a snowstorm in the Northeast. My best friend was driving for seven hours from work. She does not live far from her job. My niece was stuck at college.  She normally commutes her way in.  She slept in the music room. How is this safe? Where are the plows and the police? Why were people I care about and many others in danger last night? Doesn’t NY state charge enough money in taxes?  I am from NY and  my heart will always be there but not my wallet. When is NY state going to learn?  The Governor did not do it’s job. It put lives in danger. All of the counties and the people that their people put in charge let them down. I was scared for them . I prayed for them and then finally she got home.  What if soemthing had happened to them? I know God was watching and God took care of them. What would you do in a storm? Would you know? I live in a warmer climate so no snow for me.  We have hurricanes and we prepare. Shame on you NY state for letting your people ‘s safety be in jeopardy.  Where was everyone? Where were the helpers? I am so angry that this happened. The University put lives in danger.  The entire state did. Shame on you and  they will not he held accountable. Well I voted with the my feet and I left NY state a long time ago.  I pray others see the light and go too. Unfortunately, the only solution.  If you are able to vote with your feet move to where it is beautiful and affordable. Think about it. Make a plan. Good luck. Thank you for reading my blog.  Now onto the next life lesson.