I know in the movies it works I was just hoping that maybe it could work in real life. I am very upset about something. Ever wish you did something different with a different outcome?  I sure do I have been asking God to heal me and to help me get through this. I think he is the only one that can. I had a minor accident on Friday and it is because I had so much on my mind and that I was watching was myself. I think this happened because someone needed to watch over me and say Hey Pay attention to you because you are so busy focused on other people. Perhaps that is true.  I just need one of those Christmas miracles or my prayers answered.  I hope God is listening to me I am a big believer. Of course, damage only was done to my car. It is not bad but as I said the weighing on me.  Where are the angels? I know others need them more than me but I could sure use one right now. If you are a person that prays can you please pray for me?  Thank you so much for reading my blog.  God if you are listening please send an angel. Lesson number one pay attention, Lesson number two ask for help if you need it. Lesson number three Stop thinking if only I had done… Now onto the next life lesson