What kind of dessert do you serve at Christmas? Are you a baker? Do you make Christmas cookies? Do you prefer pies? If you ask me there is no other choice except Chocolate. Yes, it is true if it is not chocolate it is not dessert.  I always wanted to make chocolate moose. My mom used to make it. It was delicious. One of the few things she made well. Sorry, Mom.  I know you tried.  Either way, Chocolate in my book is always a winner.  I also want to learn how to make Gingerbread cookies. Maybe this year I will.  I saw a movie where they made them and then put them in jars with bows around them. It looked so cute.  Great party favor.  I like to set a beautiful table and admire it before it gets messy.  Whatever dessert you choose I know you will enjoy it.  I am sure you choose your dessert wisely.  Christmas desserts are special. Everything is made with love.  Bon Appetit! Now onto the next life lesson.