Month: December 2018

Family at Christmas

Oh, family at Christmas always gets interesting. You have the relative that never stops talking, then you have the one that never seems to leave, and the one the mediator for everyone.  Christmas can get interesting at times.  Then there is the one person who is the ONE who always has to host and tells everyone that she did everything.  People offer to help but it is not the way they want it and then complains of no help. Well, I am glad those days are behind me.  We have our own Christmas and our own traditions.  Over the years we have gone to see family and truthfully. I want to be home in my own home for Christmas. I want to make what I want and make my own Christmas for my family. I was long overdue for this. For years we forced to do one thing and others never considered my feelings.  I do not want to harp on that. Oh and let’s not forget the worst gift giver. There is always someone that regifts something to someone you just know that happens. The one present that makes around the world.  Remember there is always good will.  I love Christmas and I want to enjoy it. I want to do the things that make my family happy.  I do not ask for much I just want to be in my own home with my family. Where do you spend Christmas? Are you the talker, the guest that never leaves. or the mediator or just someone who wants to enjoy Christmas.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Best or worst gift

What is the best gift you ever got for Christmas? Do you remember what you really wanted that you got for Christmas?  We usually remember what we always wanted. We remember the Christmas that we got it. How we opened it and how old we were.  You can never forget your favorite present. Or how about your worst present? Do you remember the gift you did not like? I remember being at a family gathering and this person gave my daughter a shirt that was ugly and way to small. This person put no thought into it. I returned it or donated it.  Some people take the time to find the perfect gift others they just buy whatever and call it a day.  I think you should put thought into a gift you want to get something that will make the person smile.  When you see the item in the store you know it is all about them.  I think giving someone socks is the worst gift. I mean who does that?  I love seeing beautifully wrapped presents under a beautiful Christmas tree.  Someone went out of there way to make it look just right. Or how about those grab bags at the Christmas party. I think women put more thought into it than men.  I love buying the gifts and knowing the person will love it.  I love seeing people I love happy. It is not the gift it is the thought that went into buying it, the story behind it, and just to know you made that smile on that persons face.  It is a wonderful accomplishment.  I love the idea of giving.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Christmas at work

Do you work for a big company? Do you work for yourself? Are you a part of a team of a smaller company? Either way, you work hard for your family and sometimes you deserve a break. Does your office or large company throw or lavish party? Are the owners grinches?  I worked for many companies before I decided to stay home and raise my kids. The biggest Christmas party I ever went to was at a bank I worked for. I remember all the women had gowns on. The owner of the bank did a few backflips in the lobby. I will never forget that. I had heard he did it every year. A few years prior I went to a smaller Christmas party to a restaurant. It was nice but when I came home I made myself a grilled cheese.  There was one another office party where we all went out and paid our own way. Actually. I ended up subsidizing drinks I did not drink. It did not seem fair I chipped in and went home. We all have our office Christmas party stories. Which office are you? Who do you work for?  Which party do you prefer?  Would love to hear your office Christmas party story.  Oh, and there were a few years I went to my husbands and they were nice and quaint. We went out for a nice meal.  So take a trip down memory lane and tell me your favorite Christmas party or the one you liked the least. Now onto the next life lesson.

Christmas Spirit

Do you have Christmas spirit? Are you excited for the holidays? Do you get stressed out over what to make? Do you have to find the perfect gift? Are you a gift card giver or an actual present? I do not think it matters about any of those things as long as you have the Christmas spirit.  If you are a Grinch and there is no changing you than life is going to pass you by and you may regret it.   Make some memories and try and become a part of the family.  The holidays are tough but the people no longer here would want you to enjoy the holidays.  Being alone on Christmas just doesn’t seem right. I love Christmas and I love the joy and the magic that comes with it. I would love just once to be a part of a Christmas miracle. I wish that the Christmas spirit was around all the time.  Do you believe?  Do you have Christmas spirit? I  love this time of year. We used to go up to NY to see family and it just got very cold and the traveling was a lot. I prefer to be home on Christmas with the family having a nice meal and opening up presents. I love watching Christmas movies.  I miss my mom so much this time of year. She made it so special even though our home was not a happy one. She took the spirit of Christmas and put it out there to make it extra special.  I  hope I do that for my kids. I hope I spread the magic to them. It was just that one time that the magic outweighed the sadness I love the spirit of Christmas. I hope it visits everyone this year.  I pray really hard for peace and good health for all.  21 more days til Christmas and remember Santa is watching.   Now onto the next life lesson.

Gift of giving

It seems that around the holidays we see more generosity than usual. People are smiling and doing more random acts of kindness. I just heard that a secret Santa paid off all layaways in at a Uniondale, NY Walmart. Now that is really awesome! I love the anonymous helpers. I like that they did it and they just want to put a smile on some children’s faces just because they can.  I like people that do things like that.  We all pray for good things and then when they happen it is even better. One time a guest at a hotel walked up to a housekeeping lady and gave her $100. She was crying and so happy. I love those random acts of kindness.  Do you have a random act of kindness story? Have you ever paid it forward? I would love to hear your story. I think people should do these random acts all of the time. The world would be a better place.  What random act of kindness would you do?  I think just helping others and believing in yourself and others are good ways to make us and others feel good. I wonder how people do some much good and still seem so sad.  Please talk to someone if you need to. Do not give up help others feel good. Spread that kindness.  Thank God and always be grateful.  Now onto the next life lesson.

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