Today is the last of the 25 days of Christmas. I hope you all enjoyed each and every blog. I enjoy writing each and every day. It is my ME time. A time when I can just be me and write,  I hope you all enjoy your holiday. Whatever you celebrate or however you choose to celebrate.  I hope you are with family or friends or both. I hope you have peace and time to know how much you are loved.  The holidays can be difficult. It is not all about gifts, food, and decorations. It is about being with family and sharing and finding time to spend together in this crazy busy world we live in. We need to find time for each other and be less busy. Life is happening right before us. We are always rushing and rushing and maybe it is time to slow down. When we know we have had enough it means it is time to slow down. Maybe we need to listen to the signs. There are signs that we ignore. Maybe we have pains in our body or maybe we are sad more often than happy. Either way, if we need help we need to find it.  Whether it is mental or medical. When it is time to slow down we need to listen. We only get one life and one chance. Make it count, take time out to smell the roses, tell the one you love you love them, spread kindness, and love,  Do not forget about YOU! I want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year! MerryChristmas! Now onto the next life lesson.  ( Blogs will be back after the new year)