Do you take risks often? Are you someone that would invest money in something you believed in?  Or are you always playing it safe? I think the risk takers were born to take risks. I think people do fail but some really succeed. I guess if no one was a risk taker we would not have all of these companies  in this country. I mean what if Steve Jobs did not create Apple? Would we still have Mac computers and I phones? I mean think about it. What if Bill Gates did not drop out of Harvard and create Microsoft? Would someone else have thought of it?  What if Columbus said, Forget it I am not going on that boat today? Just imagine if none of those people had set out to do what they had accomplished. I think there are certain people meant to do certain things.  It is good that all of that happened and they took a chance.  Would you have done that?  I think I play it safe If I do not know about something I will not take a chance.  I do not think I am the risk taker. Are you a play it safe person? What would you risk and how much?  Think about everything you have would you risk it all if someone said I have an idea that would make billions?  I do not think I would risk everything maybe a little bit and make  some money. Money is a very powerful tool. It can cause a lot of fights and end horrible or it can make your life easier.  The world is about making money giving US opportunities.  Have you ever been asked to invest and declined and it was a great idea and worked? Or have you invested and it failed?  I would do my research and find out about it.  I have been asked in the past but I declined have not heard anything so I guess I am glad I passed.  If you are a risk taker what have you risked ? What was it for? Was it successful? I hope it was a huge success. Scary to think about if you do invest and it fails then what? Maybe you try again.  Think about all of those people that took those risks and made it. It says a lot about them they had guts and they were determined and they believed.  I think you can do anything you put your mind to. Good luck on your risk taking. I would love to hear about it.  Now onto the next life lesson.