Let’s face it we all have them. We all have things that bother us. Things that hang over our heads. We get worried we may panic. Some of us may have anxiety. I know I do. Sometimes it is hard to manage everything. You have so many balls in there how can you catch them? Do you have a backup person? You can ask for help and chances are you will get it. A headache may temporarily go away but it comes back, Oh and the hiccups they are not as bad but when the hiccup gets stronger you feel weaker. We all panic let’s face it some more than others. I have a few things hanging over my head now. I cannot sleep sometimes but as each day passes it does get a little easier. I just want it over with and it will be. It is stressful to have things hanging over your head. What is on your mind? What is hanging over your head? Are you able to ask for help? I hope whatever it is you find peace. Headaches and hiccups are not forever but it seems like they stick around for a long time. Soon the air will clear and you will feel peace again.  Take a deep breath and go for a walk it will help clear your head.  Take it one day at a time. Now onto the next life lesson.