I feel like lately things are at a stand still. I feel like when I am waiting to hear about something it takes forever. Why is that? I feel like I have so many things hanging over my heard. I just want them to be done.  It feels like nothing is moving and things are stagnant.  This is not a good feeling to have.  I have a few things hanging over my head  I cannot wait til they are lifted off of my shoulders.  I just continue to pray and believe and maybe God will make it work.  I was never really a religious person but I always found myself talking to god in good times and in bad. I never realized how much it helped until I got older.  I  let things get to me until they are resolved. I have to have things fall into place to feel relaxed. It is hard having things hang over your head.  Do you get stressed? Do you have anxiety? Are you going through some rough times?  How do you handle your stress ?  I would love to know.  Sometimes we just need to take sit down and take a deep breath. I think if you live in North east people are more stressed. You need to make more money., commute more, and spend more. I know that is fact I have my friends who are still living and working in the city.  I wonder what it would take for them to pack up and go south. I joke and I have complained in the past about living South but the cost of living is less.  I am spending less, my kids are growing up with other kids, and having fun, and the the schools are great. What else can I ask for?  I am not waiting for the heart attack. Even though I have some things hanging over my head I can sit on my swing on my front porch and pray or just listen to the silence. I do not hear ambulances, police, or fire trucks, or even someone blowing their horn yelling profanity. I just hear nothing and you can put a price tag on that.  When you are used to a certain way you are afraid to try something new.  You get set in your ways as you get older.  Once you find your way and settle in home is home and is how you care for it that makes all the difference. I hope and pray things move along.  Pray with me and send me some positive thoughts. Thank you. Now onto the next life lesson.