The question is simple but the answer may be hard.  Can you make a decision without changing your mind?  Can you make a decision and stick to it? Are you afraid to decide something ? Is it a scary decision to make? I hope it is simple like picking out your clothes for the next day. I used to change my mind about what I was going to wear I find that when I think about it a little more than I make my final decision.  I decide what to make for dinner without changing my mind. I have definitely gotten better about making a decision.  My girls used to wear uniforms to school you had no choice that is what you wore , Now they no longer wear uniforms but whatever they pick out they wear. I think that helped them make a decision.  They thought about it and picked out their clothes and that is what the outfit of the day is.  Sometimes decisions need more thought like the ones that start with What should I do? Where am I going? Will I find a job?