Every so often you hear I saw someone that looked just like you or this person reminded me so much of you.  I cannot believe how much you look like my friend.  Sure we have been told we all have a twin somewhere. Someone that looks like us. Back in High School I was told I looked like this girl that everyone knew. I met her and did not think that we looked like alike at all.  I guess others saw differently. I did see a woman one time at a restaurant that looked exactly like a friend of the family. Even my youngest thought it was her. I could not believe the resemblance. It was uncanny. Maybe we do have a twin somewhere that looks and acts like we do.  I see people that look like people I know especially have they have passed. It is eerie sometimes.  One time we saw a woman at  a park and she looked exactly like my husbands cousin Antoinette.  It was like she was saying hi from above.  She was a good soul. Do you have a twin? Have you ever seen someone that looks or looked like someone you know? I bet it brought back memories. I believe it is that person from the past reaching out as an angel telling you all will be okay hang in there. I believe in angels and people watching over us.  When you see someone that looks like a loved one just smile at them. They are your angel watching out for you. We all have someone that reminds us of someone when we meet them.  Twins are out there. The angel ones will find you when you need them. Now onto the next life lesson.