Do you have a person in your life that you trust completely? Do you have that person you can call at anytime? If you do consider yourself to be very lucky. Do you have that person who can always tell you the truth? There is someone for everyone in this world. I believe we have two soulmates . We have a romantic soulmate and a friendship one. Either way we have connections to other people. Some we click with and some we don’t. Is your person of the opposite sex? Have you crossed that line between more than friends? How did it happen? How did you meet? I know I ask a lot of questions. It is important to know because this person is your life person. A person who you will trust with many personal things. If you haven’t found your person you will. Be ready for the journey. Search for that person or they could be right under your nose. Open your heart and your eyes. You will see it will all be worth it. Now onto the next life lesson