Are you anxious all the time? When things aren’t done do they weigh down on you? Do you think about things you can’t control? I feel like this sometimes especially when it has to do with my kids whether it’s just a annual meeting at the school or filling out important paperwork. It still weighs on me. I found out that I get that from my Dad. I remember him telling me he felt like this once. I couldn’t believe that such a strong and brilliant man felt like this. He always seemed so together. I am a routine person. I have to follow a routine whether it is school or summer we have routines if one thing falls apart it messes up everything. I feel anxious and upset. I want to fix it. There are so many things going on right now. I have to remember that it’s in God’s hands and to be patient. I feel so alone now that my Dad is gone. I know I have my family but I still need my Dad. I go about my days and I know something is missing. I feel anxious and sad. Again, I know it’s a process. One day at a time. Do you get upset? Are you experiencing loss? How are you coping? What’s the secret? I would love to know. I sit silent in the mornings and I talk to God. It feels good. Who do you talk to? Are you alone? Please talk to someone. That’s why we have ears for listening. Now onto the next life lesson.