How is your health? Do you go to the doctor? Are you eating right? Do you exercise? Do you watch your calories? That is a lot of questions. It is also a lot of work to stay fit. It takes dedication and commitment. I do exercise and try to eat right. I know I need to eat better. What is your daily regimen? What do you do to stay fit? Are you a weight lifter? Are you a runner? Do you feel better after you exercise? I can honestly say yes. I feel really good after I exercise. It makes me feel good that I worked on my body. How do you feel after you exercise? Let me know what you do? Maybe I will follow in your footsteps. I do small weights and the treadmill. I have been doing the treadmill more. It feels good to know I worked out each day. Let me know your daily regimen. Keep exercising and stay healthy. Now onto the next life lesson.