Which are you? Are you always late? Do you show up on time? Or are you early? I am early or on time. I cannot stand to be late. It throws my routine off. Since I am always early or on time I don’t have to worry. Sometimes people in your life are always late. You have to accept it or tell them it starts an hour earlier. What if you are late for work? You can lose your job. Then what? It is amazing how many things depend on time. Pretty much everything does. Work, school, travel, cooking, and life. We always need to be somewhere at a certain time. I like knowing I am early I can set up if I have to and look around for emergency exits if need be. I have to have a plan. I need that routine to follow. I need to know I have accomplished something. I need to know I am reliable. I want people to know that they can depend on me. If you are early or on time than you are hired. If you are late adjust your schedule. Learn to be on time after all you might miss something important. You may cause others to miss something important. Everything depends on time. You can’t adjust it but you can adjust your life and your schedule. Try it and I know you will love being on time. Oh great you’re here. Let’s get started. Now onto the next life lesson.