Are you good at making decisions? Do you change your mind often? Do you list the pros and the cons? I take my time with certain decisions especially if it involves a lot of money. We make small decisions every day. What to wear , what to eat, what to drink. Those are all simple decisions.  it is those BIG decisions that you really have to  think is it worth it?  Right now I have a decision to make and I am not sure if I should do it.  It something I have never done before but I think it will be good for everyone.  What would you do? I am tired of talking about it.  So here it is we are thinking of expanding our patio.  It is going to cost a lot of money. I am not sure I should spend it.  Would you? Would you spend the money?  I am curious let me know what you would do. It would be fun to sit outside and chill and be with the whole family. It would be a nice change from sitting around inside and watching TV. What would you do? I need some opinions.  Leave them in the comments. Thank you for reading my blog. What is your decision today?  Now onto the next life lesson.