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Are you a private or public person?

Do you keep to yourself? Are you an introvert? Do you like to be alone? Or are you an extrovert who posts your life on social media? I am definitely an introvert if I feel I want to tell you I will. I share very little and I keep to myself I do have some friends but I do not tell things to many people. I have been burned pretty bad by people. I do not trust easily and when I do I still get burned or lied to . Oh, and I hate liars and being lied to but that is for another blog. I am not a fan of social media at all.  I do like my blog because I control it. I decide what goes out there. I am telling a story and sharing it the best way I know how. If you want to share your life story than that is your business.  Do not post things you would not want your Grandmother to see especially if you are looking for a job and just starting out.  Be careful it will bite you.  Either way it is your decision I am not your mother.  I am a mother and I am mindful of my kids. Hence the evermindful mom. If you were wondering.  Life is choices and we need to make the right ones or learn from our mistakes.  The next time you post something personal you may want to think twice. Now no one is perfect but  at least try and show some decorum.  I just prefer to keep things private I think I inherited that from both of my parents.  Especially my Dad.  Thank you for teaching me right.  Remember to think before you post.  Now onto the next life lesson.


Have you ever had renovations done in your home? I just had a new home built about three years ago and recently we decided to put in french doors.  Well, the guy did not do such a great job.  Now we have to pay for his mistakes. I really want to let this person know how bad of a job he did but is it worth it ? A part of me says yes and a part of me says no.  I am going to use his name because I want people to know that they should NEVER use him. It is Marcus Rowe.  He and another guy messed up the job. Every painter that came in to give us an estimate said the same thing now I do not speak construction but I do speak Ticked off.   Have you ever gone after someone for poor work done? I know that some people out there are in the field and are handy.  Some have husbands or wives that do this work and do not understand hiring someone else well when you are not handy what else would you do? I get it lesson learned however, it is getting fixed and it is looking better.  The guy that is fixing everything is doing a great job and thanks to social media it is how I found him so .  His name is Lawerence and he is from Albania so I nicknamed him Lawerence of Albania .    So there you have it job is getting done and I did get great doors so I guess it is not so bad. I want to hear your experiences and what you did. I hope to hear some good stories. Now onto the next life lesson.

Comfort Zone in or out?

Are you someone who sticks to your comfort zone? Do you go to the same places and eat the same food? Are you in the habit of doing the same thing all the time and not venturing out ? I can say that most of the time that is true about me. I rarely try new foods, I have a set routine for school and summer.  I like to know what is going on and where Iam  going and what I am eating.  I am one to stick to my comfort zone. I like things a certain way. I do not like to venture out to often.  Maybe one day will be different but for now I like the way things are.  Do you like to venture out and try new things?  Do you ever think about going to a place you have never been? I am a creature of habit. I have a handful of restaurants  I go to and I order certain things at those restaurants.  My kids are also creatures of habits.  That is okay and you do not have to try something new if you are not comfortable.  If you choose to than great.  What are your comfort zones? What do you like to do? Do you like  board games, do you go to the movies on a certain night? Do you only travel within your area? Do you get lost ?   Sometimes we need a little different to learn new things and do not get me wrong I am not opposed to it I just prefer the familiar of my comfort zone. You may do things a little different and that is okay.  Every once in a while I will give something a try if the I like the ingredients.  If not no thanks. Maybe you will try new foods one day. Maybe you will venture out to another area.  Years ago my husband and I  picked up and started a whole new life in a warmer climate.   Now that took guts and courage. I do not often mention that but we did. We lived in several places and now we are content exactly where we are. So that was my big venture.  Think about your last big move. What was it? I want to hear from my readers. Now onto the next life lesson.

Thank you Veterans

Today marks the 75th Anniversary of D Day. Do you know what D Day is? You should have learned about it in schools or your great grandfather may have shared some stories with your Mom or Dad.  These veterans fought for our freedom.  These boys became men and made the ultimate sacrifice.  So today take a moment and do something to honor these heroes. Whether you have a moment of silence or thank a veteran that you know . Even if he wasn’t there and fought in a different war just say thank you to them.  These men are among the greatest Americans who will ever live.  I believe in the veterans ! I am a proud patriot and an American.  These men kept the EVIL Nazi’s out of France.  These men were brave and honorable.  These men WERE MEN no question about it.  Thank you ALL veterans for your service to this GREAT country. Let’s make it GREAT and Keep it GREAT!  And to all the men who did not come back we will honor you in every way.  We are the home of the free because of the brave. FREEDOM is NOT FREE! God Bless America! Thank you and this blog today is dedicated to ALL the men of Normandy and all the men and women we have served.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Love Letters

Have you ever received a love letter? Was it from someone you knew or a secret admirer? What did it say? Did you save it? Did you ever find out who it was?  Maybe you are still wondering I got a love letter from someone once a long time ago when I was in summer camp. I still remember one of the lines. Your eyes are like diamonds they are sparkle and shine I am so glad you that you are mine. I actually saved it for many years and then somehow it was lost.  It is amazing what we remember.  I know that one time I got something at school but I was convinced it was my so  called friends playing a cruel joke never did find out the truth.  Well life goes on and eventually we fall in love with someone and move on.  It would be nice to get a love letter . Just knowing that my spouse put time and effort into doing something for me that was from the heart.  I used to work at Hallmark and I bought every romance card and gave it to him.  I was always thinking about him.  You have kids, work and other things and sometimes we forget to tell someone how we feel. I wish we could go back to those days of love letters, and cards, even a little something.  I know we love each other but sometimes it would be nice to have those reminders.  Does your other half leave you notes? Do they buy or pick flowers for you.  Or just do something nice to say I love you.  I would love to know what you do or they do.  Do you write love letters?  Do you receive them?  I miss getting letters in the mail.  Well, if you haven’t get started go write that love letter. Start a tradition every year one of you writes a love letter to the other.  You read it to each other and have a date night afterwards.  Let me know. I think it is a great idea. Now onto the next life lesson.

The two month mark

It was two months on May 31st that my Dad has been gone.  It just doesn’t seem possible. A man with such a huge presence is now with God. Whether you believe it or not I do . I think he is with God. I think he has to answer to God about a few things and when I pray or talk out loud to him I told him all of the things he needs to answer to.  The list is not that big but the things on it are pretty big.  Even though we had our differences he is still my Dad and I love him.  After he passed I started talking to a woman we will call C. C has been listening to me since he passed. We have had a few sessions and I think I am on my third one. I do not talk to her often but often enough where it helps.  When a family member is in hospice and after they pass you get 13 months of bereavement counseling and it  does not cost a thing. Why not take advantage of it? Would you? Would you talk to a total stranger about the death of a loved one? I did not think I would but after a while they aren’t strangers. Besides I think it helps and if it helps I am all for it.  Sometimes we need to talk to someone and not just family or friends. I think the reason I am able to get through all of this is because of C and another person we will call J.  I have my family but I think they are going through it with me but in a different way. My girls lost  their grandfather, my husband lost a father in law, BUT I lost my Dad. He was something to each of us.  It will take time but it is going to be a long road ahead. Besides I think my Dad would want me to talk to someone. I just need to find peace I guess . Have you found peace with losing someone? Are you sad, angry, or happy? How do you handle grief?  Let me know I am interested to hear your thoughts.

We all handle things differently. We do have one thing in common we have to get through each day and go about our lives.  Good luck and remember one day at  a time.  Now onto the next life lesson.

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