Do you have a hobby? What is your hobby? Do you fish,  play golf, knit. paint? What do you like to do in your spare time? Wait, you have spare time? Who has spare time? Maybe someone that is retired and paid their dues through life.  I am interested in knowing your hobby and how you began to like it? I do like to paint but I never have the chance.  How long have you had your hobby? Hobbies are things people should enjoy.  It should be relaxing and enjoyable.  Maybe you belong to a sports league. Maybe you like to hike. Whatever it is I hope you enjoy it. I am way to routine oriented and busy for a hobby. Maybe later in life when my kids are grown I can make the time.  You have to make time for yourself.  We all need space and privacy. We also need family and people we trust. Do you have a big family? Do you enjoy life to the fullest? I always say live, love, and laugh. Now onto the next life lesson.