Do you like surprises? Do you like to be surprised? Do you like unexpected things? I guess it depends on what type of surprise it is.  Surprise I painted the living room orange would not be a good surprise. Surprise I won the lottery would be a great surprise! It really depends on what the actual surprise is.  Surprise we are going on vacation! The surprise vacation could be bad timing however, it could be good timing. Surprise has many variables. Some people are strict planners and do not like to be surprised.  It is fun once in awhile to get a little gift or a little surprise. For example : I bought that new purse I know you love with the matching wallet now that is a great surprise.  Flowers are always a great surprise . Who doesn’t like receiving flowers ? I love flowers.   Are you ever surprised by flowers? Do you love flowers? Which are your favorite? I love yellow roses. They are my favorite. There are people who do like to be surprised and people who do not. Or how about a surprise party? I do not like surprises like that. I am not really a surprise party person.  I prefer just to be with my family. I like to go to other parties just not my own.  How about you do like parties for you?  They are fun I just do not like being the center of attention.  How about you? Either way we all have our likes and dislikes. I want to hear from you. Did you have a surprise party ? Were you surprised? Let me know your story. Now onto the next life lesson.