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September 11,2001

I should have written this yesterday but instead I wanted to share my victory. So the day after I share with you that day that America will never forget.  For my age group we remember vividly like it was yesterday we could tell you where we were and what we were doing.  Just like if you lived during the Kennedy assassination you could do the same.  Another horrible tragedy.  Some are just learning about it in a classroom and that is good kids should learn about it.  I remember  I was working at a bank and who I was talking to on the phone.  I remember the woman was scared so I stayed on the phone with her. We talked and she was grateful I had befriended a stranger that day.  So wherever you are Angelina I hope you are okay. I want to thank ALL the heroes of that day. The first responders, the fireman, the police, the doctors, and nurses, everyone who helped looked for or saved a life. To the fallen heroes I hope you are watching over your loved ones and are at peace. I feel you would want your loved ones to live life and hold onto the happy memories you shared before that horrible day.  We as a nation are stronger and safer.  We were united that day and I believe one day we could be again. Right now there is to much divide and hate. I do not like that. I believe America is the greatest country on earth.  God bless ALL . Remember to thank our military and thank God for his comfort.  God has a plan for all of us.  Believe and be strong and God has your back. God bless America.  This blog is dedicated to all who serve, all who helped, all who were there and to all my fellow New Yorkers.  Let us not forget the pentagon, and Shanksville, PA.  You are truly all heroes.  God bless America. Now onto the next life lesson.

Little Victories

It feels good when you work really hard at something and you get your victory or your win. Whatever it may be, It could be a swim meet or a football game. It could even be a meeting for your child at school. You have presented all of your facts and when you feel like you have accomplished what you needed it feels great. When you know in your heart that you feel you have achieved your goal.  When you work hard and you put in the time and the effort you know all of your efforts have paid off. No matter if it is a swim meet, track meet, football game or a school meeting we are all winners. We support our kids in everything they do. We are they voice and we will continue to support our kids on their life’s journey. What is your success story? What have you done for your child? What have they accomplished?   Even if you do not have that winning touchdown you played hard and you won in your heart because you gave it your all. We are all winners.  Now onto the next life lesson.


Today I am going to write about Mom. Mom wears a lot of hats she is a referee, chauffeur, chef, maid, hair dresser, and many more. Yes, us moms have a lot of responsibility and we would mot do all the things we do if we did not love our children.  I am a mom and a wife and I love my family. When it comes to my family they are everything to me.  They are my heart and soul .  We especially advocate for our kids. When something is not right we need to be their voice.  It is so important to advocate for yourself.  We have to teach our kids to do the same. Both of my girls are learning and they are doing a great job. However, when Mom has to step in she is ready and willing to do what it takes to fight for her kids.  Sometimes we do not realize how much Mom really does. There are so many things that we do to keep the glue to our family.  Next time you see Mom give her a hug and say thank you . Mother’s day is every day.  Please show your appreciation to Mom. A simple thank you and a big hug is perfect. We do not want anything extravagant just a thank you and an I love you would be a bonus.  Love your Mom and believe me she loves you. It is also so important to listen to Mom. She knows a lot.  Believe in mom, She loves you! So to all the Mom’s out there we love you! Now onto the next life lesson.


Do you have a secret? Of course you do we all have secrets. We all hold our secrets very close. We sometimes have to keep them.  Maybe it is a secret about a surprise party for a friend. Or other times it is more serious than that. Maybe it is not our secret to tell. Do you ever wonder about secrets? Secrets can hurt a relationship. Maybe the best approach is to talk about what you are keeping. If it is not your secret than keep it. Hopefully no one will be harmed from keeping it. Let’s face it humans are curious and they always want to know things. I know I do. I do not like secrets. Do I have some sure but they are secrets from a very long time ago and not mine to tell.  Eventually. people do tell their secrets and sometimes it ends badly and other times they can work it out.  Either way. I do not want to know anyone’s secrets let them keep them from everyone. I  have my own situations I do not need secrets to add to it.  So go on tell your secrets to someone who may need to know them if they are not your secrets than keep it or tell that person to keep their own secrets.  Do you want to know a secret?  Well, I am not telling any.  Do not keep anything from those you love.  If you do than you must have a reason. You can keep a recipe secret that is okay.  Keep that in the family.  So go on tell your loved one you love them and no more secrets. Now onto the next life lesson.

What is your plan and do you have more than one?

What is your plan? Do you have more than one plan? A plan B perhaps? What are your goals? Have you achieved them? Do you have a set plan in life or are you just along for the ride? How do some people live by a plan and others do not.  How are some so carefree and nonchalant?  How are others so structure oriented?  I do have a plan I always will. I live my structure and planning. I have to stay organized and aware of everything going on.  It is important to me to get through each day and know that I have accomplished everything.  Now that I have done that what is next? What is the next step?  Sometimes I am scared about not following through or something happening. I have worries and concerns about my life.  Am I making the right choice? Am I giving everything my best? I think so.  I put more than 100 percent in everything I do.  How about you? Are you putting in all of your effort? Do you want to call it a day sometimes and  just go off of your plan? How do you feel about that? Are you scared?  I think everyone gets scared. I think we all have fears and that is okay. We just have to know we made the right choice. After all we know us better than anyone. I would love to know your plan.  Now onto the next life lesson.

Hello Again

I must apologize it has been a few days since I have written in my blog. I hope all of my readers are doing well.  Sorry for my absence. I guess I needed to re group. Sometimes we need that.  I think we need to do a lot of things.  For example if you feel overloaded time to delegate to others that can handle things, Next take a deep breath, and then take some ME time. Yes. that we need that ME time. Something you do just for you. No one has to know it can be anything. You can go for a walk, get an ice cream, get a mani or pedi.  Grab some lunch and sit and relax.  Put your phone away and do something just for you. Go to the bookstore and get a book.  Find some you time. Go ahead try it. I did just last month I took time for ME. I decided I need to rediscover me. I need to find me again.  I think I have been lost for a really long time. I have been a daughter, a wife, a mother. But I haven’t been me. Where did I go? Are you lost? Do you have ME time?  It is time you need for you. I have done for everyone else and now I need to do for me.  I wonder what I will discover again that I forgot about?  I know I have a million other things I have to do but in between all of that I need ME time.  Let me know about your ME time. What do you do? Go ahead go for it. Now onto the next life lesson.

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