Today I am going to write about a lady that I have known for a very long time.  She is a good woman and above all loves her family. We will call her the little Italian lady. She came to this country as a young girl from Italy and did not know what to expect for her future. She was scared and knew that America would bring her better opportunities.  Young people today do not know what it is like to suffer and go without. This woman married a young Italian man who had his own dream After many years he owned a used car lot and still does today. His wife used to be a seamstress for Evan Picone.  She worked very hard and stood by him. They eventually built an empire and because of their fruits of their labor there children and grandchildren will be very comfortable.  The Italian lady loves to cook. She is a great cook and makes the best homemade pizza on the east coast.  She makes holiday meals fit for an army all branches by the way.  Unfortunately, due to recent events her health is failing her. Please take a minute to pray for the little Italian lady. She is a very good woman and as I write this I can hear her Italian accent talking and yelling at some body. She loved to garden and grew vegetables as tall as her.  She is a real hard working woman who knows what is like to start from nothing. Behind every man there is a great woman and in this case that is true.  Today I pray for the little Italian lady.   My daughters call her Nonna.  So today I will continue to pray and hope for peace for the little Italian lady.  In her honor I will always watch her favorite soaps as we have as long as  I can remember. Thank you little Italian lady for the love and the great meals. Now onto the next life lesson.