I thought this since today was Halloween I would write about it. What was your favorite costume you wore growing up? Did you wear it more than once? Do you eat all of your candy? What is your favorite candy? Do you go to Halloween parties? What was your favorite Halloween ever? Do you believe in ghosts? Do you dress up your pet? Halloween was always fun to me. I am going to share a funny story in memory of my Dad. One night I went trick or treating with my best friend and I was a little upset because we had a fight and my dad was listening to this Orsen Wells radio program about a martian invasion and people believed he was so believable anyway I asked him Will there be school tomorrow and he just thought that was so funny. HA HA. I thought about if something happened that was serious than I would never make up with my bff and thank god today she still is. I hope you got a good chuckle. Happy Halloween everyone and be safe out there tonight. Have your parents and or guardians check your candy. Now onto the next life lesson.