I think that certain people have really good hearts and if they have been through hard times than they know how it is to have nothing and work really hard to get somewhere in life. We all struggle in different ways. We have all been told you can’t and then we do. I do not like to be told that I can’t and I was told that my whole life. I believed that I could not do anything right. Sometimes I still do. BUT I know I can. I wrote a children’ book a years ago and just recently wrote a novel. I am making very little and that is okay it is better than nothing and it is a start. I did the self publishing again only this time at little or no cost to me. I advertise on social media on Facebook and Instagram. SOMEDAY is the title and it is on Amazon if you are actually reading this than please check it out.  I told my readers on Facebook I will give back. What that means is as my sales grow and grow and when I sell up to or over  million copies I will donate to the charity of my choice.  I will give back and I have the perfect charity in mind. The more I see the better for everyone. So what do you say go order your copy today.  Thank you in advance for your purchase. Now onto the next life lesson.