Do you worry a lot? Do you stress out a lot? Are you always thinking about what if? If you are I am sure you like many people that worry. I see some people that walk around without a care in the world. How do they do that? Or is just what they want people to think? I can tell you that I worry. I worry about my girls and the future , I know it will be okay as long as I am alive but what about after that?   I do not like the unknown and add worrying to that not a good combination.  I have faith but sometimes I need more than faith. Do you have faith? How do you worry less? How do you de stress? I have a heavy heart right now as you know my Dad is gone and lately things have been stressful and I just pray that it ends soon because inside I am worried. I believe God has a plan. I have prayed. If you can or do please say a prayer.  Try to enjoy life and not worry. Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.