Every year without fail I go out of my way to make cards for the holidays to send out. I take pictures of my kids with the dog and off I go to get them printed out. Well this year is different. I do not feel like sending them out this year. I didn’t ask anyone their opinion I just decided on my own. It has been a difficult almost nine months since I lost my Dad. Do not get me wrong I love Christmas I just do not want to put anything extra on me. I told people who sent cards that I appreciate their card I just did not feel up to it this year. One less thing I have to worry about. I have all these balls in the air and I am trying to catch them but they are still juggling.  I have a few more prayers I need answered I hope God is listening.  I go about my day each day but inside it still hurts.  The world is not going to stop spinning if I do not send out cards.  Tomorrow will still come and so will Santa on Christmas. I appreciate all that have helped me get through this tough time. I will never forget those that sent cards and flowers.  It really meant a lot to me.  So maybe next year I will send out cards but in the meantime enjoy your time with your loved ones.  This blog today is dedicated to my Dad. aka The Grinch.  He will know. Now onto the next life lesson.