I do apologize to my faithful readers that for a few days we were not up and running. It felt like I had lost touch with the world. I love my blog it is my therapy and getting up really early to get things done I reward myself with my blog.  I love to write and I know I am good at it. I love to share with you my readers my experiences. thoughts. traditions, funny stories, and even some sad ones. I am proud of my book and it is selling I wish more than it is but one day at a time.  My friend we will call C reached out to me and asked if I would buy it and sign it and she would send me the money so I did. I signed it and sent it off.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you spend it with family? Did you eat a lot? Are you sick of Turkey yet?  I did not have Turkey. We always go away for Thanksgiving.   It was strange not hearing from my Dad. Usually he will say he is making his delicious delicious Turkey leg, with stuffing and cranberry sauce and that he would watch football in his cave. I can almost hear him saying that.  I hope all of my wonderful and faithful readers had a fabulous Thanksgiving. I am thankful for my family. my health, my readers, and a little bit of peace I hope to get one day.

Thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.