Recently I attended a party. I knew it was coming and I prepared myself for it. I was ready. I was looking so forward to this party. The food is always delicious and the people are really nice.  I was socializing, laughing, even had a short cry when I mentioned my Dad. First Christmas without him.  We used to go up to NY and see him and then it just got to be to cold and to much for us. We always spoke on  holidays and days in between.  This party made me smile I was with my whole family and I was comfortable. Did I mention the delicious food? YUM! We played that present game. I did take someone’s gift but they got a better one.  Which was nice . Everything was delightful.  My girls were having fun and so was my husband.  I saw Isabella playing with this cute little girl. The other girls were playing amongst themselves.  Then I heard this kind soul ask me if I was having a good time.  I turned around and we just started talking. We will call  her Blue.  Blue was kind and funny. I told her about my book and right there she bought the kindle version. I thought that was so sweet . This party and Blue were just what I needed to start of Christmas with a smile.  Now I did feel a little blue at the party at one brief moment but then I was okay. My friend we will call S gave me a hug and things seemed more clear.  I was so happy to be a part of their event.  In my opinion things that help a party are the company, the food, and the atmosphere. So welcome Christmas and thank you Blue and S.  Oh and of course the host and hostess the perfect party planners.  Now onto the next life lesson.