We have all been there that situation where we may panic or be quick on our feet. I guess it depends on the situation. If someone needs help you call 911 if someone is upset you may just ask what’s wrong. If you witness something would you tell someone? What did you witness? Maybe the person saw you . What would you do? How would you handle that? We all see and hear things differently. We interpret things differently. I may see things one day you may see things another way. We may have witnessed something at different angles.  We may have read a story and had a different opinion on what the author meant.  We are not meant to think the same . We may agree or disagree on something.  We all have feelings and different ways of expressing ourselves. We may not do the same thing in the same situation except if it was an emergency.  You never know what someone is going through and if they are smiling on the outside they may not be on the inside. What would you do if you knew that?  People are going to say and do all kinds of things so what would you do?  You may not like someone’s point of view or what they are wearing but sometimes that is how life is. For example, If I am at a store and I see a shirt I do not like I am not going to buy it. I am going to look for a shirt I do like so I can buy it.  All of that said, I think most people out there would help someone if they needed it.  We all face all kinds of situations sometimes we may just want to stay out  of it.  It all depends on the person and how they feel.  What would you do? Now onto the next life lesson.