We all have that person or persons. People we depend on for certain things. For example you have a friend who is great at picking out outfits so you go shopping with them. They are your person for that situation.  You have your adviser the person whom you ask advice. You may have a person you ask about restaurants to when you want something delicious.  You have your people for different purposes. Then you have that person that you go to for gift buying advice if you need to buy someone a gift.  Sometimes we just cannot decide things on our own we need that person for that.  Maybe you are a someone’s person. What are you good at? Maybe you are good at decorating and you can help decorate your home. Maybe you have a handy person who can install stuff in your house. We all have someone that has some sort of gift. What is your talent? What are you known for?  Either way we are helpful toward one another. It is nice to find that person that can help us when we need it and we can help them when they need it Are you that person?    You can make all kinds of connections when you find your person. Now onto the next life lesson.