Have you ever had to apologize to someone? Of course we have maybe we forgot to meet someone, or didn’t call you back or worse had an argument. We have all been there where we needed to ask for forgiveness.  Some hold a grudge and some forgive without any hesitation.  Which are you ? Do you hold a grudge or do you forgive? We all have our moments where we do things that we do not realize may hurt someone’s feelings. We have all been there. None of us are perfect. I wonder if as time passes if they eventually forgive? I wonder if they just put it out of their minds and just move on.  I think once we settle what ever happened with another person and it is forgiven we feel whole again. When things are left open there is no closure. When words are unspoken and situations are not resolved we may feel empty and alone. It feels good to know that there is closure and forgiveness.

There are those rare situations that are way to hurtful to forgive.  You just simply cut ties. If you can forgive than that is a good thing. Sometimes the pain runs way to deep.  Some people keep making the same mistakes and do not learn from them and keep hurting people. People like that you should stay a way from. It is always best to work things out however, if they continue to be selfish and hurtful walk away. You need to live your life with peace. Now onto the next life lesson.