Once in a while we have those moments that define who we are. We may have achieved a goal, got a promotion, ran a marathon, became a mom or dad. Whatever your moment it is yours and no one can take that away. It is a time of your life you will never forget. It is YOUR moment to remember and smile and think about when your are not feeling yourself. To remember the good times and make you stronger. You can always believe in yourself and know there is nothing you cannot do. You have had the pleasure of experiencing something wonderful. You should be very proud of yourself. You should pat yourself on the back every once in awhile. We need that pleasure and recognition.  What is your moment? What put you in that glory of your life? What is your passion? What have you learned? If you are fortunate enough to have a moment that you are a very lucky person. Remember that you can do anything and do not let anyone tell you that you can’t.  Can’t is not an option. You can and you will.

When I was in the 6th grade I had a moment. My teacher recognized me at our graduation as one of  one of the most improved students a long with my friend we will call MW.  I was so proud of myself. Years later I would say it was when I became a Mom for the first time and the second time. Then when I wrote my first children’s book and then recently my novel Someday.  I am proud of ALL of those moments , Now I  got to share them with you my readers just now.  I still wonder if my Dad was proud he never did say.

Thank you for reading my blog today. Now onto the next life lesson.