Are you a picky person? Do you not like certain foods? Do you only eat certain foods? Do you eat healthy? Do you eat three meals a day? What foods do you not like? I do not like mushrooms. anchovies, pickled herring, beans,mustard, corned beef, or liver. I think that almost covers it. I guess you would say I am a little picky. I do stick to foods I like, If a dish has most foods I like I will eat it. If not no thank you.  I remember my Dad loved herring I always thought it looked like brains in a jar. He used to say how delicious it was. YUCK! I could not even look at it. If you like that stuff that’s great. I am just being honest. What foods do you not like? Do you like all kinds of foods. Oh, and I do not like sushi. I have tried it and it was not for me.  I know some people only eat certain foods Some change their entire lifestyle to feel good.  I think that is great.  I think what you eat effects you. We all need to eat a little healthier. Have you tried to do that? Do you eat healthy? I eat what I like. I do like salad, vegetables and fruit. However, I also like my pasta and chicken. Maybe soon I will make a lifestyle change. Will you? I do workout five days a week. I think that helps.  What about you do you exercise? How do you feel each day? I want to hear from you. I want to know what you do to stay in shape. Have a blessed day and thank you for reading my blog. Now onto the next life lesson.